22 Sep 2012

Embeded YouTube Playlist with Thumbnails on by default

I came to see a discussion in Blogger Groups , One Blogger , Mr.Joecopenhagen, is asking  "When I embed a youtube play list the thumbnails at the bottom is turn off by default. You have to click the little red square to se thumbnails of the rest of the videos in the playlist...
Is there a way to turn them on by default? 
So here here is the solution! Use the below code to turn them by default. (No need to click  the little red square to se thumbnails of the rest of the videos in the playlist, it will show up by default!)
Please don't forgoet to change "PL6B3A5E1C22C42BA8" to your list code It Will Look Like The Below!
This is what you are searching for? Below is the embed code for you!


  1. This worked but the navigation buttons don't appear on my weebly built site.

  2. Thank you Afsal.
    The secret are in "&showinfo=1"

  3. Thank you Afsal! Any chance you know how to keep the playlist thumbnails visible after you play the first video (currently the user has to click on the play button in order to show the playlist thumbnails)? The rest works great for me btw!! - Joe

  4. Thanks! Very handy to know this.

  5. So how would I embed a playlist so it will look like it does on this page?


    Note, I want the thumbnails beside the player like in the example.

  6. Dear Andy Buchanan: You can create nice youtube playlist with nice thumb nails as required by visiting http://www.tubesnack.com/

  7. Dear Joe Brandt, You can also do as you mentioned from http://www.tubesnack.com/

    I will try to get handy script for these soon!

  8. Thanks Afsal. This worked perfectly!

  9. Quick question, Afsal. The thumbnails don't seem to show up on iOS devices or Safari, which I assume is some sort of Flash issue (I'm no expert...just a layman's guess). Is there any way round that that you know of? Thanks again!

  10. I've discovered you can embed the youtube playlist, but the thumbnails don't show unless you add "&showinfo=1" to the code. And even then, the thumbnails disappear completely as soon as you play a video. How lame. Am searching like crazy to find a solution for this. Meanwhile, tubesnack charges too much.

  11. Thanks for this! I fiddled a bit with the width and height, but this works much better than the YouTube-native approach.

  12. Excellent post.The rest works great for me btw!! - Joe.
    web design

  13. Afsal Mohmed dear jab hum is ko share karte hain tab thumbnail show nahi hota hai koi aisa
    embed code batoo js main auto thumbnail change ho aur jab share kare tu bi thumbnail show ho

  14. don't think it's working anymore

  15. yup not working anymore. any updates...?

  16. Any updated links/solutions for this? I need the playlist to show by default on my youtube playlist embedded on my website.

  17. thanks for the blog


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