28 Aug 2011

The famous logo with the message hidden in the letters

To design the logo that was simple to complex, as to convey messages through simple layout is not easy. The Designer uses the letters to form the desired icon. The big brands are there hidden messages in their logo. For example, the FedEx logo is a logo design is simple and straightforward. But if you look closely you'll see an "arrow" between the letter "E" and "x" with the rate implied by this courier company.

Amazon Logo
When looking at the logo of the online bookstore Amazon the world's largest, it is easy to think of a friendly smile. However, if you look closely, the arrow running from A to Z letters implied in Amazon's store, customers can find everything from A to Z.

Sun Microsystems Logo
Logo of the company's world-renowned software includes Sun Microsystems Sun 4 letters interwoven and can be read when viewed from all directions, the great present for a logo with symmetry.

NBC Logo
NBC Broadcasting owns one of the most famous logo in the world, including the shape of a peacock tail is spread wide, she looked to the right, expression implies the company is always looking forward, not back follows.

Five Ten Logo
Five-Ten is a famous company specialized in producing sports shoes, based in the United States. The logo makes it impossible to forget the name Five Ten, when viewed from a direction they see the numbers 5 and viewed from another direction to get the number 10.

Forkware Logo
Logo's unique online food service Forkware bearing plate (fork) as a wire wrapped round the network (wire). The logo also looks like the @ symbol, nature of high technology.

Carrefour Logo
Carrefour is the name for a French retail group, Carrefour, the French word meaning "crossroads". Its logo consists of the letter "C" in the middle and two arrows indicate two opposite directions.

FedEx Logo
If you look you will see arrows are created by two letters E and X in the final. Arrows imply its speed this delivery.

Via Rail Logo
Logo of the Railway Service Canada - Images of the railway is shown skillfully through the characters.

Families Logo
The subtle combination of character i, l, i create a clear image of the family that wanted to show this logo.

E2 Logo

Very impressed with the very compact layout for two characters in a

ED Logo

Logo shows two characters ED over the image the plugs designed by Gianni Bortolotti for a power company in Italy.

Eight Logo

Logo very creative design from different parts of the eight.

Summit Logo

Stability, safety Is the logo for a clothing brand climbing.


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